Dates to Remember

November 11...Veteran's Day; No School
November 13...morning chapel honoring Veterans
November 20...morning chapel, SOAR awards, picture retakes
November 22...Early Release 11:15, Parent Teacher Conferences 12:00-5:00
November 25...Early Release 11:15, Parent Teacher Conferences 3:00-8:00
November 26...Early Release 11:15, Parent Teacher Conferences 12:00-3:00
November 27-29...No School; Thanksgiving Break
Great Times to Plan a Vacation (No School):
11.27-29...Thanksgiving Break
12.23-1.3...Christmas Break
2.13-17...LEST/President's Day
4.6-13...Spring Break/Easter Monday

Worth Taking a Day off Work Dates:
1.31.20...Indoor Olympics
3.18.20...Kindergarten Chapel
6.10.20...Kindergarten Graduation

Monday, November 4, 2019

So Much To Be Thankful For

We’re back to a regular full week schedule this week.  It’s close to the end of the first trimester and report cards will be out soon.  I’m looking forward to all our parent teacher conferences as there is so much progress to share for each student.  Grades in Kindergarten are part art and science.  We strive to have every type of learner shine so we do many different types of assessments from written tests and quizzes, oral one on one assessments to observing games and daily participation.

This week in reading we will be reviewing the letter sounds and practicing careful writing.  On Friday we will have a quiz over letters Zz and Ss plus several more.  Students will review their first trimester sight words in text.  Our class will begin analyzing a new book, sketching vocabulary words , sounding out words and writing sentences.  At story time we will identify rhyming words from a text.

We’ll start a new chapter in math on numbers 11-20.  Students will use ten frames to count by tens and then by ones as they learn.  This helps lay a foundation of understanding place value.  Everyone practices careful counting to 30 at carpet time.

In science we will discus ways to block the sun and keep cool.  Students will begin designs to make shade.  We will start putting together the pages of our science notebooks on Weather.

It’s a really busy time in music, with Christmas program practice being a priority. We practice K-8, K-2 and in our classroom every week.  The songs are sounding beautiful!  We'll also get to hear the Kennewick High School choir sing; that will inspire us to keep singing.

In art we will study the artist Jasper John and create ten frames filled with fancy numbers.

I am thankful for a full week of fun and learning ahead, thankful for how far this class has come and thankful for all our families. 

With a full heart,

Mrs. Luoma

Teachers are Always Learning

This will be a short week for our students as their teachers will be traveling to a conference to learn.  We shared this with our class last week and they were surprised be needed to 'go to school', but we let them know we LOVE to learn and look forward to opportunities to learn how to teach them better.  That's exactly what we'll be doing in Seaside, OR along with Lutheran teachers from several states in the North West.  We plan on coming back with some fresh ideas for the classroom!

In reading we will take a break from sight words and finish up the alphabet review with letters Zz and Ss.  Students will continue practice giving their opinion and now start to give reasons why they think what they do.

We'll just have time to finish up our chapter in math on graphing.  In November we'll move on to using numbers 10-20.

Student will finish up a science experiment that tests several natural substances in the sun and in the shade.  Our object is to understand if the sun warms the earth and if the temperature difference changes with the substance.  It's our first go at working with a lab partner, so we are also learning a lot about how to listen and work with others as a team.

We hope you have something good planned for the days off of school.  Make some fall memories with your child!

Thank you for being great parents,

Mrs. Luoma

Monday, October 21, 2019

The Rewards of Working Hard

We hope our class is learning each week that hard work is rewarded.  When students try their best in class and practice letters and sight words at home, the rewards are great results on their quizzes and the feeling of accomplishment.  As students practice reading, the rewards are a growing excitement and confidence in reading.  When students were motivated to bring in Fall Fest donations the results are many different rewards and opportunities.  This week our top earner will have a fun lunch and afternoon bowling.  Our class will enjoy their own ice cream party and free dress on Wednesday and we all love having a casual last day Spirit wear day every week!  Hard work does pay off!

This week in Kindergarten we will learn the sight words: they, my and study letters Vv, Yy and Kk.  Students will begin learning about opinions; how to state their own opinion and respect the opinions of others.

We will be taking surveys in math to generate data.  Then we'll organize our data on various types of graphs.  Students will learn how graphs enable people to compare and understand a lot of data at once.

In science we will study how the sun warms the earth.  Students will choose different materials to test in and predict outcomes.

The music for the Christmas program is coming right along.  We'll also be analyzing classical music in our listening journals and practicing some songs for our Veteran's Day chapel.

In art this week we will create beautiful cities at night. 

The days are getting shorter, but our ability to learn is lengthening...this class is doing great!

Mrs. Luoma

Monday, October 14, 2019

How Do I Prepare for the Weather?

This is an important question we'll be asking in science this week as we learn about severe weather patterns and how to stay safe.  Students will learn about many different hazardous types of weather and what kinds of dangerous weather can happen here in our local area. 

In reading this week we will study the letters: Uu, Ww and Xx.  New sight words are: is, have, like.  Students will begin to use their sight word knowledge and sound knowledge to independently read sentences.  We will focus on the reading strategy of using illustrations to help us understand a text.

We will finish up our chapter on numbers to 10 in math with a focus of understanding number order.  Our next chapter is all about graphing.  Here we will collect data and graph it, using our numerical understanding to predict patterns and understand information.

Students are working hard at practicing songs for our Christmas program.  We also listen to different types of music each week and respond in our listening journals.

Each week, we learn and practice many games in small groups and on iPads to help us practice letter and number skills.  We often pick students to lead these games to help develop communication skills and confidence.

In art this week we will learn about concentric circles by studying the artistic style of Kandinsky..

We hope you are enjoying the fall weather like we are, remember to help your child make good choices for what they wear to school each day so they will be comfortable.

Thankful for you,

Mrs. Luoma

Monday, October 7, 2019

When Do Animals Sleep?

This is the question our students will answer during the Snooze Fest.  We will learn about nocturnal and diurnal animals and why they live that way.  Students will go through their school day experiencing what it is like to learn in the light and in the dark. Then we will have a big surprise where we will be the characters in a story that involves our animals.  Our 8th grade friends will help by doing our writing as students recall story sequence. 

In reading we will dictate a story recalling the beginning, middle and end.  Students will study the sight words: the, to, little and use them in a sentence.  Our letter review of the week is over Ee, Bb and Pp.

Students will finish up learning to write numbers through 10 in math.  We will then focus on comparing groups and ordering numbers to 10.

In science we will study the forms of water and how they relate to different types of weather.  Students will do an experiment to observe all three forms.

We are beginning to practice songs for our Christmas programs in music!  Students will continue their weekly study of classical pieces, recording their observations in their listening journals.

This week in art we will study Pacific Northwest totem poles, understanding the importance they play in the local culture.

It's sure to be a week of surprises, discovery and fun...the best kind of learning!

Mrs. Luoma

Monday, September 30, 2019

What's the Weather Like Today?

What's the weather like today?  That's the question we'll be answering in Kindergarten as we learn about temperature, wind, clouds and precipitation.  Students will record the weather each day and learn about how clouds are formed.  Help your child check the weather each day and come prepared for staying comfortable at recess.

In reading we will study and recall story sequence from the texts we read.  Letters of the week are Gg, Qq and Dd.  Practice letter and sound recall and identifying the correct beginning sound in a word.  We will begin our study of sight words this week!  It's an exciting time as knowing sight words enables beginning readers to take off in reading! 

We will begin our study of numbers 6-10 in math this week.  Students will learn how to write the numbers correctly and practice careful counting, number order and comparing groups.

Everyone is enjoying our time in the technology lab.  This week we will practice matching letters and sounds.  Students are learning to use iPads with a stylus and computers with a mouse.

In art we will study the pointillism method and the works of Suerat.

It will be a full and fun week in Kindergarten...our favorite place with our favorite people.

Mrs. Luoma

Sunday, September 29, 2019

It Feels like Fall

We can tell the seasons are beginning to turn at recess; it's cooler and we see a few colored leaves.  This will fit in well with our study of the weather in science.  There will be plenty to observe and record as the temperatures change.

This week in Kindergarten we will study the letters Cc, Oo and Aa in reading and writing.  Students will continue to learn more and more about the parts of a book and how words are used in sentences.  We will begin to recall the beginning, middle and end of a text.  Good readers recall story sequence naturally, but it takes practice to develop.

In math we will finish up our chapter on numbers 0-5 with a concentration on understanding number order and when a group has more or less.

Students will learn to use a daily weather chart where we will note temperature, precipitation and wind speed in Science.  Start challenging your child to notice the weather each morning and make good choices about what they will wear to school that day.

During our technology time we have been working on iPads with a stylus to practice good letter formation.  Soon we will move on to  a variety of apps that help students practice letter sounds.  In the tech lab we are enjoying working on the big computers.  Students learn the parts of a computer, how to use a mouse and follow directions.  This week we will work on careful counting and understanding number groups.

In art we will practice good listening skills and follow a guided lesson on drawing an owl!

Our class is adjusting well to being in school all day.  Keep those early bed times up, we all need a good night's sleep to do our best.

Wishing you pleasant dreams,

Mrs. Luoma