Dates to Remember

May 22...Morning chapel honoring school volunteers, SOAR awards
May 27...Memorial Day/No School
May 29...Afternoon chapel @1:50
June 5...Morning chapel
June 7...Awards assembly
June 10...Last Bethlehem Buddy Lunch, 8th Grade Graduation
June 11...All School Field Day
June 12...Last Day of School, Kindergarten Graduation, Early Release

Worth Taking a Day off Work Dates:
June 11...All School Field Day
June 12...Last Day of School, Closing Chapel, Kindergarten Graduation, Early Release

Monday, May 20, 2019

Thank you Volunteers

This week all our volunteers are being honored at Wednesday chapel.  We are proud to be a school that encourages parent involvement.  The staff knows that our many volunteers make our school a better place.  If you volunteer we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

This week in Kindergarten we will be finishing up some important units in math and science.  Students will polish up their subtraction skills in preparation for the test on Thursday.  In science we will show what we know about forces as we wrap Push, Pull, Go.

It's been good to learn the meaning behind the phrases in the Lord's Prayer at Bible time.  We've had many thoughtful discussions on how to apply God's Word to our life.  We will finish up the prayer this week and move on to a few stories from the end of the New Testament.

In reading today we wrote our new sight words and worked on our weekly readers.  We'll be exploring more contractions in phonics this week.  Students are learning and writing about communities in our reading curriculum.

We are making books about the Seasons of Kindergarten in writing.  Students are recalling their year and writing about a special event from each season.  This covers several Social Studies standards and creates a cool book to share with the class.

Thank you for being a great part of your child's learning, we appreciate all our parents!

Mrs. Luoma

Monday, May 13, 2019

Art and Thy

This week in Kindergarten we began learning the meaning of all the phrases in the Lord's prayer.  We got to explain the meaning of 'art' and 'thy' today.  We will discuss what the Lord's prayer means to us today and why we continue to say it.

We finished addition in math and now we're moving on to subtraction!  Students will draw picture sentences, number sentences and check their work as they subtract their way through the chapter.

In phonics we will start learning about contractions.  This will help us in reading and writing.  We are in our last unit in our reading curriculum.  We are studying communities and cities this week.

We'll be building tops in science and experimenting with the motion of spinning.  Students will record observations for their science notebooks.

At story time this week we are working on understanding the conclusion of the book.  This takes insight and recall, using high level thinking skills.

Every week we practice the concepts we are learning at the end of the day in learning centers.  It's a great time to learn through play.

We are in new seats and will work on the concept of showing good focus in class to earn points.  Tomorrow students will write their own name tags to go on their tables.

I'm looking forward to a solid week of learning and fun.  The school year is winding down and we will finish strong and proud.


Mrs. Luoma

Monday, May 6, 2019

Manners Count!

One of the things we practice before having our Mother's Day Tea is good manners.  Today we practiced how to greet and escort our moms.  Tomorrow we will putting our moms first and giving them a special time of love and honor.  We've made several gifts, but we realize one of the best gifts is the words and actions we use with our moms.

It will be a short week with Friday off and Thursday our Fall Fest Fun Day.  In Bible we will finish our study of the Pentecost and the Holy Spirit.

No new sight words this week, but we'll continue to read in our books and readers.  Our class will learn about base words and word endings in our phonics study.  At story time we are comparing two funny books with a 'three little pigs' theme.  On Wednesday we will write our opinion of the best story, giving reasons to support our opinions.

We are finishing up our math chapter on addition.  Today we worked on solving  addition word problems.  Our test is on Wednesday.

In science we will finish our exploration of using a slide or swing to initiate the force in a system.  We will go on to the study of how things spin, making tops our of our building materials.

We'll be finishing some important tasks with focus, having a lot of fun in the sun and showering our moms with love.

Spring Blessings,

Mrs. Luoma

Monday, April 29, 2019

Getting Ready for Mother's Day

Our class is so excited to honor our moms with a special event next week.  We are busy writing and creating special gifts for our moms this week.'s a secret!

In Bible we will learn about how Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to His believers after He ascended.  This will spark some lively discussion on who the Holy Spirit is and how He works in our lives.

Students will be focusing on adding descriptive words to our sentences and proof reading our own writing.  In phonics we will identify 's' blends and use them in our writing.  This is the week to get all caught up in your reading logs as they are due next Monday.

We will practice different kinds of addition problems this week in math.  Students will learn that you can add vertically and change the order of groups and still come up with the same sum.  Soon we will be adding using word problems, combining reading skills with our work.

In science we will explore forces and gravity on knocking down rows of dominoes!  I know it will be a fun time seeing how many dominoes we can line up.

Enjoy your week of spring!

Mrs. Luoma

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

How does a swing work?

In science this week we will continue to explore how forces work in our physical world.  Today we built swings and recorded facts about their movement.  We are excited to learn more after each experiment.

This week in Bible we will finish up the story of what happened after the resurrection and go on to understand how Jesus sent His Holy Spirit to be our comforter and guide.

We are starting our last unit in reading where we will study narrative texts and form opinions about events in the stories.  In our phonics work we are finishing blends and will move on to word endings.

Our class showed multiple ways to make the number six in math.  We are learning to use blocks  to understand addition sentences.

We will be writing a lot in the next few weeks, preparing a booklet for our moms for Mother's Day and looking back at our year in Kindergarten.

Everyone is excited to be outside in the nice spring weather.  We have so much to be thankful for at school.


Mrs. Luoma

Monday, April 15, 2019

Remembering Details

We are learning that good listeners remember several details from a story.  This week we will discover this works the same for Bible stories, informational texts, math and science.  Our class is practicing detail recall in every subject.

This week in Bible we will study the Easter story.  We used Resurrection Eggs today to note several details that happened to Jesus before and after the cross.  Later on today, our class will go through stations of the cross with their 8th grade friends.  It will be a time to learn more interesting details about the Easter story.  I hope you have time to talk about Easter with your child at home this week. They will be excited to tell you about all the details they know.

In math we are moving into our new chapter on addition.  Everyone is finding that strategies we used earlier in the year continue to aid us in being accurate with numbers.

We will be finishing up our study in digraphs and move on to practicing letter blends and endings.  Each study in phonics helps us to read and spell better.  In our reading unit we are learning about patterns in nature.  We have been comparing informational texts and recalling details.

Science has been lots of fun since we began our unit called, "Push, Pull, Go".  Students are working with a lab partner and constructing ramps and swings as they experiment to understand how forces affect motion.  Each student is keeping their observations in a science notebook.

I love this time of year; we see new life and growth all around us.  So too, we see our class becoming more independent and confident in every way.  One of the many joys of teaching is to experience each student as they grow.

We are blessed,

Mrs. Luoma

Monday, April 8, 2019

Hello April!

It's the start of a new month at school and we played in a light sprinkle of rain at recess.  Everyone noticed the grass is green again and everything is beginning to grow.  Spring is here!

This week in Kindergarten we will study the what happened to Jesus before the cross.  We will discuss how He was the payment for our sins and conquered death. Our April verse will focus on how God helps us in trouble and delivers us.

We are finishing our chapter on 2D and 3D figures in math.  Ask your child to identify shapes at home and in the car. We will begin a big chapter on addition soon. 

In reading we will finish our study on digraphs by including 'th' and 'wh'.  We are learning to identify the main topic in a text and the supporting details. 

Early this week we'll wrap up our unit on Ladybugs.  Our next science unit explores physics using K'nex and balls.  Students will keep a science notebook throughout the unit.

We're happy to be back at school after the break!

Mrs. Luoma