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April 25...morning chapel, Fine Arts Night at BLS 6-7:00
Worth Taking a Day off Work Dates:
May 11...Mother's Day Tea, 2:00-3:00
May 16...Kindergarten chapel play, 8:45 a.m.
June 12...All School Game and Picnic morning
June 13...Last Day of School/Closing Chapel/Kindergarten Graduation

Monday, February 6, 2017

Hello long 'i'

This week we move into studying the long 'i' sound in words.  We're getting better at watching for the vowel patterns that identify what sound the first vowel makes.  Our new sight words are: look, see, do.  Remember to practice sight words daily for rapid recall!
We began our day with a devotion about how we are created in God's image and precious to Him.  We prepared the class to begin working on our chapel play tomorrow.  Everyone is excited to put on our very own play!
The class heard a story about two very different builders and compared and contrasted the characters. 
In math, we began a new chapter on addition!  And we will be working on many projects that have to do with Day 100.  It's a great time to have your child practice counting and writing to 100.
The class took a fun science quiz on all we know about the weather.  We'll finish that tomorrow and begin a new unit on Forces.
In learning centers we played a sight word game, place value game, built animal shelters and wrote short and long 'i' words.
We'll chalk this up to a good day of work and play.

Mrs. Luoma

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