Dates to Remember

August 13...New Family and Kindergarten Orientation 5:30, Back to School Picnic 6:00, Sign up for your home visit that night!
August 28...First Day of School (be there at 8:15 a.m.), Early Release @ 11:15
September 3...Labor Day, No School
September 13...BLS Open House and Ice Cream Social 6-7:00
Great Times to Plan a Family Vacation (No School):
October 10-12...Teacher's Conference
November 21-23...Thanksgiving Break
December 20-January 2...Christmas Break
February 14-18...LEST/President's Day
April 1-5...Spring Break
Worth Taking a Day off Work Dates:
May 9...Kindergarten Mother's Day Tea 2-3:00
June 11...All School Field Day
June 12...Last Day of School, Closing Chapel, Kindergarten Graduation, Early Release

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Enjoying all the special momments

We are in the last days of school for this school year and it is a sweet, sad, exciting and
time.  On Monday we wrapped up several projects and helped straighten the room.  Everyone ended on a positive color showing how well we've learned to manage ourselves at school.  This morning we had lots of fun competing in the Field Day games and cheering on our friends.  The weather was perfect and the smiles were many.
Tomorrow is our last day of school and Kindergarten Graduation!  We are so proud of this bright group and we can't wait to see how well they will do in first grade.  This is an end, but it is also just a beginning of lots of summers and grades to come.  It's been a blessing to get to teach your kids; they love to learn, they want to serve Jesus and they are excited to make the world a better place.  The future is bright in their hands.

Feeling very blessed to know and love each one,

Mrs. Luoma

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Yearbooks are coming soon

Tomorrow all the students at BLS will get their yearbooks!  I know our class will love looking through them and seeing their pictures and their friends on the pages.  We've talked about how to take good care of their yearbooks.  We mentioned they'll want to keep them to show their own families some day.
This morning we began our day with a Bible story and thanked God for how he surprises us with good things some days.
We took a syllable quiz in reading and went on to write about being first graders.
The class had a Lego weight challenge experiment to do in math.  We recorded and compared results. 
After lunch and PE outside we analyzed the results of our graph on temperature.  The class made conclusions about how the sun warms the earth.  From our graph of temperatures in the sun and shade on our playground at lunch, we drew the conclusion that anything that blocks the sun (trees, clouds, buildings) causes a decrease in the ability of the sun to warm the earth.
We heard a funny and informative book about a Pink Blob fish and other interesting animals.  The class counted syllables in some of the challenging words.
In learning centers we practiced rapid addition and subtraction skills, built, created art and tried our hand at coding on the OSMOs.
We are still going strong...just four days left!

Seeing summer coming,

Mrs. Luoma

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Winding down and gearing up!

This week school is winding down in many ways as this will be our last full week of class.  Students are helping us take things off the walls and prepare for summer. At the same time, there is still learning to do and we stay busy everyday as we get ready for graduation.
This morning at Bible time we learned how God saved Peter's life when he was released from prison by an angel.  We prayed, thanking the Lord for how He watches over us everyday. 
In math we learned about trapezoids and parallelograms, then we made larger shapes from smaller ones.  After lunch we practiced our graduation songs and heard several Kindergarten book presentations.  In reading we learned about syllables and practiced counting syllables in words for points.  The class is working on several thank yous for groups of people who have served our class all year like our Bethlehem Buddies and our 8th grade class. 
We had a lot of fun playing an addition game in technology lab at the end of the day.  Our last time in tech's been great to use computers to support our learning each week.

We are both sad and excited for the end of school,

Mrs. Luoma

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Move Up Day

This afternoon the K-7th grade classes had a chance to move up to the next grade.  Our class got to meet Ms. Closner and they came back so excited for first grade.  Ask them at home tonight about some of the things they learned or liked about the first grade classroom and teacher.
In the morning in Bible time we covered the end of the Lord's Prayer.  Each day we are learning what the words mean and why Jesus said this was our example of how to pray.  Since it was afternoon chapel today, we flipped reading into our morning and worked on a number of things: writing missed sight words, reading, writing in our journals, taking AR tests and going through some individual assessments.
The class was graphing up a storm in math, practicing skills that will carry over into next year.
After lunch we practiced songs for graduation and heard an interesting story about perspective and respecting others.  Students learned about homonyms and identified several from the text. 
Pastor Mark spoke at chapel and related clouds to scripture.  We all were excited to go out to recess and check out the clouds after that.
At the end of the day we debriefed on what we learned at move up day and then heard all about the Mid-Columbia Libraries summer reading program.  We are doing all we can to encourage lots of summer reading!

Read a good book tonight with your child,

Mrs. Luoma

Friday, May 25, 2018

Jackson Pollock Kindergarten style

Today our art lesson was on the style of the artist Jackson Pollock.  The kids loved exploring his free style of slapping and dripping paint with emotion.  They made beautiful combinations of yellow, blue and red paint with strings. 
This morning we began our day catching up on prayer requests to see how God had answered our prayers. We took some time to think about asking for forgiveness if we had hurt anyone recently.  Many of our students are becoming very good at examining their own hearts and lives and wanting to ask for forgiveness.  It is sweet to us whenever we see it happen.
In reading we reviewed digraphs and took a little quiz.  We learned more about money in math and touched on paper bills.  Students continued practicing adding different amounts of coins.
After lunch we heard an interesting story about the three little pigs in as an architectural tale.  This prompted a great discussion on that career and how it is applied to many different structures.  Students identified event details from our story. 
We are continuing to have each student present their timeline books on their year in Kindergarten.  After they read their book to the class, their peer give them positive encouragement.  We are posting these videos to each student's SeeSaw journal.  If you haven't seen your child's yet, it's coming!
During learning centers we visited a play store and bought items with real money by adding different coins together.  Students also played a math game on the iPads, designed shape structures and measured and counted how tall their classmates were, then recorded that data on the board.  It was a good time of reviewing math skills through play.

Add learning to your Memorial Day weekend and have fun,

Mrs. Luoma

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Stepping up to challenges

I love how our class loves to challenge themselves.  We are learning to step up to challenges and always try.  We are also learning that when we fail, we can fail forward by learning from our mistakes.
At Bible time we are going through the Lord's prayer, taking time to understand the words.  Today we discussed what 'daily bread' means and thanked God for providing for our needs today. 
We have begun to practice a cool song we are learning for Kindergarten graduation.  Daily practice will be on our schedule as we approach the end of school.
The class learned more about coins today in math and we focused on dimes.  Students made addition problems out of coins and solved them.
After lunch we compared two texts and wrote in  response to our knowledge of the facts.
Next we had a great time with a STEM activity where table teams built structures and we measured their height.  It was just a practice, tomorrow we'll use what we learned today to redesign.
Our story today was about our five senses and we recalled facts from the text.  This will give us practice for our next writing assessment.
It was fun to be in the library and check out new books.  In technology lab we practiced reading words with digraphs on a board game online.  We love using the spinner feature!

It was a warm and sunny day at recess, it's feeling like summer is just around the corner.

Blessings on your day,

Mrs. Luoma

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Keeping our water clean

Today was special day, because we had the opportunity to learn from a teacher from the Water on Wheels program.  We learned all about how to keep our water clean and not waste it.  I hope your child shares what they learned at school today; they are official 'Drain Rangers' now. 
We were delighted with how well our class performed our chapel play this morning!  Everyone worked so hard and we couldn't be prouder of our students.  Thank you for coming and sharing this special morning with us.
After chapel we relaxed at writing time and made progress in our timeline books on the seasons and in our writing journals.
We learned about the concept of measuring area in math and applied our skills using blocks to compare same shape areas.
Today in reading we began studying a text on spirals in nature, then we wrote in response to the text.
Our last recess was later due to our special science lesson.  Sometimes that's extra fun, because we're out on the playground with just our class...and the wind!
We ended the day with a story about art and Grandmas; it was fun to see how they were connected.
It was a fine day...joyful and full of learning.

We love your kids,

Mrs. Luoma