Dates to Remember

September 19...morning chapel; Pastor Mark
September 26...morning chapel; Pastor Andy, See You at the Pole
Great Times to Plan a Family Vacation (No School):
October 10-12...Teacher's Conference
November 21-23...Thanksgiving Break
December 20-January 2...Christmas Break
February 14-18...LEST/President's Day
April 1-5...Spring Break
Worth Taking a Day off Work Dates:
May 9...Kindergarten Mother's Day Tea 2-3:00
June 11...All School Field Day
June 12...Last Day of School, Closing Chapel, Kindergarten Graduation, Early Release

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

What's the Weather Like Today?

We are beginning our first science unit on the weather.  We will be learning all about weather science, forms of water and severe weather.  Help your child watch the weather and decide how to be prepared.

Our day began with a Bible story about how God created the animals on earth.  We are constantly amazed that God has created so many good things.

In reading we focused on a letter review and understanding the sound a short 'e' makes.  Remember to review letters and sounds often if you see your child has challenges.  Our third 'I Can Read Reader' went home today.  Thank you for remembering to read with your child and keep their reading log updated and in their folder!

We practiced the three different forms of the number 3 in math: number, word and grouping.

After lunch we had fun learning more about colors in Spanish with Mr. Reyes.

It was fun to find out what our class knows about the weather.  Today we began a poster on what weather is and discussed temperature, humidity, precipitation and wind speed.  We took a quick trip outside to check the weather with our senses.  I hope your child begins to check the weather daily to help them know what to wear to school.

Our story was about a bunch of farm animals that were trying to sleep.  The class helped make a list of all the animal characters in the text.

For learning centers we played a name game, sorted by two or more attributes, built with blocks and sorted upper and lower case letters on the board.

It was a productive Tuesday in Kindergarten.  We love seeing the smiles as students are proud of their work.

Mrs. Luoma

Friday, September 14, 2018

We Love Our 8th Grade Friends

We had a fine Friday of learning and fun.  After a devotion and prayer our class got to meet and spend some time getting to know their new 8th grade friends.  The Kindergarten class pairs with the 8th grade class this year.  Our 8th graders come down and read with us or help us with a project once a week throughout the school year.  Today they interviewed their Kindergarten friend and shared about themselves as they made clouds and rainbows to decorate our room.

The class took a practice phonics and writing quiz in reading after a quick review.  Soon we will be taking these quizzes after we study and write several letters.

We began a new math chapter about using numbers 0-5.  In it we will concentrate on writing numbers correctly and careful counting.

After lunch we interviewed some of the staff in the church office and learned about the jobs of church secretary and ministry coordinator.  We are adding information to our map of the building as we learn more each week.  It's good for our class to understand there is a church body that supports them in multiple ways.

Our art lesson was about a dot.  It is international 'Dot Day' today!  Mrs. DeGraaf read the award winning book, 'The Dot' which teaches children to take risks in art and find pride in their work.  The class painted beautiful dots and 'not-a-dots', it was fun to see all the smiles as they created their own masterpieces.

It was great to have our first trip to the computer lab.  We talked about the parts of the computer and played a cupcake game to practice mouse skills.  Everyone did quite well!  Then we worked on writing skills on our classroom iPads.

Wishing you a good weekend,

Mrs. Luoma

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

So Many Letters and Sounds

Wednesdays always start off on a good note with chapel.  Today we heard from Pastor Scheck about the creation and fall affected all history.  He used a cool video that explain it well.

After chapel we worked hard on a special writing for our wall.  We hope you come in an see all the writing at tomorrow's Open House!

The class took a practice test in math to test their listening and reasoning abilities.

At the beginning of the year many Kindergarten students struggle to remember all the letters and sounds fluently.  Don't let that discourage you!  We are working on this skill everyday.  We still really need your help at home.  Please review and practice each letter and sound as you see the papers coming home.  We have covered letters A through D so far.  Please practice the letters and sounds at home until your student has a rapid recall of them.  Today we practiced making great Dd's and getting help when we needed it.  In our class we always say, "smart people ask for help when they need it".

We are learning more about our building by interviewing some of the people who work here.  Today we interviewed Miss Stueve and Mrs. Jameson from the school office. 

At story time the class heard a funny story about a green monster.  We identified details from the text.

We played to learn at the end of the day with legos and letter games.

Great work, Kindergarten!

Mrs. Luoma

Monday, September 10, 2018

Our First Monday!

This is our third week of school, but it was our first Monday.  The class got to meet their new music teacher, Miss Pellitier.  She said they had a fine time together learning about musical instruments and rhythm.

At Bible time we continued learning about God's creation and how He created plants.  We practiced our new Bible verse.  Bible verse quizzes are on Fridays.  Check the page on this blog to see the schedule.

We practiced careful comparing in math, drawing lines 1:1 in groups and then identifying the group that has less.

After lunch the class had gym time with Mr. Aagaard playing games and learning social skills.

For reading we tackled the letter Cc and practiced careful writing.  The class is learning to compare their writing with an example and get help when needed.  Learning to keep our letters the right size in the triple lines is a challenge for all.

At story time we described the main character in a book about a family of ducks.  We also discussed how we all learn new things at different rates and times.

We played together at the end of the day with Play Doh, Lincoln Logs and letter games.  I am doing individual assessments in the hallway in the afternoons to get a base line on each child's learning.

It was an active, happy day.  We love this class!

Mrs. Luoma

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Slowing Down to Do Our Best

One of the big lessons in Kindergarten is learning to slow down enough to our very best work.  We work very hard to help students understand the importance of trying hard, slowing down and improving.  Today we practiced that skill in tracing and writing great letters.

At Bible time we learned more about God's creation, that God spoke the land and water into being.  We prayed with thanksgiving for both land and water!

During reading and story time we practiced identifying the setting in a text by using the words and the pictures.

We compared groups in math by drawing lines one to one, practicing good listening skills and following directions.

Our class had lots of fun playing games in the gym for PE, then we settled in for some concentrated name writing practice.

Mrs. DeGraaf told a funny story about a bunny who loved chocolate cake at story time.

We finished our day in the library and playing with friends.  It was super fun to learn about the BLS library and check our first books.

We're on a great roll, learning, smiling and enjoying each day!

Mrs. Luoma

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Starting Week Two

We're off to a solid start on our second week of school.  Everyone is doing really well when they come in and unpack in the mornings.  There's a lot to remember to manage our own materials at school, but they are rising to the challenge and we are so proud of this class.

At Bible time we are beginning to study the very beginning of the Bible, God's creation.  Today we learned how God spoke the heavens and the earth into being.

In reading we are working on writing and phonics for the letters Aa.  Our class will work through the alphabet fairly quickly once we get rolling to be sure we all have a good foundation in writing letters and knowing their sounds fluently.

The class sorted objects by color in math.  It was easy work for us, but learning to follow along with multiple directions is a big challenge.  We'll get there!

After lunch we had our first Spanish lesson from Mr. Reyes.  He will be starting with learning the Spanish names for colors.

We learned more about our playground boundaries and all about the Buddy Bench in the afternoon.

At story time, we are working on recalling the characters in a book.  The class heard a funny story about a grumpy crocodile today.

We finished up writing and phonics in the afternoon and then played with our friends.

It was a busy, happy day in Kindergarten!

Mrs. Luoma

Friday, August 31, 2018

We Finished the First Week!

Our class finished their first week in Kindergarten in style.  This is a great group that learns quickly and we are so thankful for each one of them. 

We have spent some focused time making good rules for our class and talking about why rules are important to keep everyone safe and learning.  Students realize this is their class and they want it to be a fun, fair and calm place to be.  We often take the class for a short tour of a part of the school so students can understand what each place is made for and how to navigate the building and grounds.

In reading and writing we start by helping students understand these skills take lots of practice and they are key to reaching goals.  We have been doing some careful tracing practice, using scissors and today began good letter writing.  Next week we'll be adding phonic practice.  Initially we do many activities to understand where each student is with their knowledge and fine motor skill, then we are ready to set a good course that will be just the right level for everyone.

Our first chapter in math is about comparing and sorting.  These are easy concepts and a good place to review listening skills. 

We are looking forward to the adventure that awaits for next week.  Thank you for your support and sending your children to school prepared!


Mrs. Luoma