Dates to Remember

April 25...morning chapel, Fine Arts Night at BLS 6-7:00
Worth Taking a Day off Work Dates:
May 11...Mother's Day Tea, 2:00-3:00
May 16...Kindergarten chapel play, 8:45 a.m.
June 12...All School Game and Picnic morning
June 13...Last Day of School/Closing Chapel/Kindergarten Graduation

Thursday, April 26, 2018

We love trees

Today was plant a tree day at BLS and each class got to help plant a new maple tree on our playground.  In our assembly this morning we learned from some tree experts from Heritage nursery about the many benefits of trees in our environment.  That helped us understand the importance of taking good care of the trees we have at school and at home.  We also planted new bean seeds, we hope student will compare bean plants as they begin to grow.
After our assembly we wrote sentences in sequence.
The class tested on our chapter on time in math after a review of how to do our on a test. 
The kids are pleased to have PE outside in the sunshine.  In the afternoon we learned a new word: dialog and then wrote dialog.  At story time we heard a funny book that had lots of dialog in it.
During learning center time we played word games and drew using stencils.

Go plant a tree today and breath easy,

Mrs. Luoma

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Life cycles

Today in science we began learning about the ladybug life cycle and compared it to other life cycles.  It is fascinating to explore the diversity of shape and form that God created through life cycles.
In our devotion this morning we learned how important it is to gather together to worship with others.  The class worked on their drawings for our chapel play background power point.
We compared analog clocks with digital clocks in math and discussed the many ways we keep track of time.
We reviewed our anchor texts in reading and wrote to respond to a question that required remembering details from the texts.  At story time, Mrs. DeGraaf read poems and students gave their opinions, citing reasons for their thinking.
The class had fun exploring a drawing site in technology, next week we will use computers to help us draw ladybugs.  Everyone loved finding new books at library time and a good story from Mrs. Adrian.

It was a happy and sunny day in Kindergarten,

Mrs. Luoma

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Our ladybugs are coming soon!

Our live ladybugs should arrive tomorrow and we will study their anatomy and behavior on Friday.  The class is well prepared to write accurate observations and they are so excited to work with real insects.
We enjoyed the start of our day in chapel where the 5th grade taught us more about the Easter season. Afterward we wrote wonderfully in our writing journals and earned a bear for great work!
The class worked on calendar skills in math; we are becoming great at understanding the different ways to describe time.
We practiced our chapel play after lunch and then compared texts in reading.  Our story was a funny tale about the three little pigs and students enjoyed sharing their opinions.
At learning centers we decorated ladybug cups, played word games and built with Legos.

We are steaming right along!

Mrs. Luoma

Monday, April 16, 2018

We have a voice

One of our most important lessons in school is learning to find our voice and use it appropriately.  We learn to say the truth, to remind others to do the right thing and we learn we have a voice to teach.  Our class is very happy to know they will be honored to teach the chapel lesson on May 16th.  We have much to do before then; everyone needs to learn lines and practice, practice, practice.  Some students will be asked to created special pictures to illustrate our story on a power point. 
This morning in reading we wrote our new sight words: said and say.  We practiced reading and played a reading game.
This week in math we are beginning a chapter on using time.  We will study calendar and clock skills.
After P.E. in the afternoon, we practiced our chapel play.  At story time the class heard a funny story about a peddler, caps and monkeys.  We practiced recalling story events.
We worked on a math app at the end of the day and practiced math skills with a partner.

Thank you for a good day of learning, Kindergarten!

Mrs. Luoma

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Learning about anatomy

Our class loves to learn high level vocabulary words.  This week our focus is on anatomy of ladybugs.  Today we reviewed many of the body parts and sang a song to help us practice them.  Next week we'll apply our learning to write observations on real ladybugs. 
In chapel this morning we heard from Pastor Andy who taught us how Jesus is the 'Lion of Judah'.  This year we are learning many of the names of Jesus and what they mean.  Each one gives us a deeper understanding of the Lord's character.
After chapel we wrote in our writing journals and had one of the best focused writing periods of the year.  We are seeing our students become confident writers!
We played a game of geometric shapes in math and won table points for working together well.
In reading we responded in writing to our new text on planting a garden.
At the end of the day we played to learn by building words, shapes, doing OSMO games with a partner and painting.

Our mice, Sam and Sarah are living happily in our library now.  We suspect they get out at night, though...we see the sawdust on the floor and they write us notes.'s a mystery.

Enjoy the mysteries of life!

Mrs. Luoma

Monday, April 9, 2018

Meet Sam and Sarah

The class was surprised and thrilled this morning to see our library mice decided to become our very own class pets!  Sam and Sarah played happily as we learned today.  It will be a classroom job to fee them every day.  The kids like watching the mice run on their wheel, play and eat...they do some funny things like trying to run together on the wheel and going upside down.  We will continue to write notes to our friends and read to them during the day.
We introduced a couple new sight words this morning and practiced reading in our readers and books.  Students compared and sorted 2D and 3D shapes in math after a good review of all our geometrical figures.
After P.E. we concluded the very important Bible story about Easter and what happened to Jesus.  We made observations on our bean seedlings; some are growing, some needed replanting.  Students looked at our controls for water, light, and warmth and concluded water was the most important factor in seed germination.
At story time we heard an expository text about a sunflower seed and made connections with our bean seed experiment.  We finished the day playing learning games of all kinds, in small groups, pairs and solo. 
It was a positive day learning and I think Sam and Sarah were impressed!

Looking forward to more happy days at school,

Mrs. Luoma

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

So many surprises

This week has been full of fun surprises.  We are received notes from a mouse that we think lives in our library.  Daily students are communicating with him and we are trying to see if he'll consider showing himself and becoming our class pet.  Who knows?  So far we've learned he likes to read and write at night when we're gone, he'd like us to keep the noise down during the day when he's trying to sleep and he's wondering if we have any spare food.  I'll be bringing in an old aquarium on Friday and the class with engineer ways for our little friend to get in...then we'll wait and see what happens,
Yesterday we had a good time all day long for the Fall Fest Fun Day reward.  We got to see an amazing puppet show in the morning and then learn how the puppeteers worked their craft.  I think it inspired all of us.  We played games inside and out, worked on special art projects, went on an iPad scavenger hunt, searched for gems outside and had a drama lesson from our drama coach, Mrs. Payne.  What a day!
Today we learned more about the Easter story and prepared ourselves for Good Friday.  In reading we wrote sentences to show our comprehension to detail. 
The is enjoying learning about 3D shapes in math.  We tested figures and described if they could roll, slide and stack.
We're excited to plant our germinating bean seeds this week.  In science we reviewed the plant life cycle in preparation to write our next observation.  Everyone is excited to begin our unit on Ladybugs soon.
We wrote about what we learned about Christ on the cross.  At story time we answered questions using a beach ball after hearing a good story about how engineers use failures to learn and refine their designs.
In learning centers we painted, made words and engineered ways for a mouse to get into a tank.

We are playing, learning and challenging ourselves everyday,

Mrs. Luoma