Dates to Remember

November 17, 20, 21, 22... Parent-Teacher Conferences
November 23, 24....No School, Thanksgiving Break
November 28...Free Dress for Kindergarten
November 29...morning chapel

Worth Taking a Day off Work Dates:
December 19...K-8 Christmas Program 2:00 and 7:00
May 16...Kindergarten chapel play, 8:45 a.m.
June 12...All School Game and Picnic morning
June 13...Last Day of School/Closing Chapel/Kindergarten Graduation

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Learning from our 8th grade friends

We had a fun morning practicing sight words with our 8th grade friends.  The class always enjoys to show their big buddies what they know and the 8th graders are great a being kind mentors.
At Bible time we learned more about Daniel's friends and how they were sent into the fire, tomorrow we will see God's miracle of protection and provision.
In reading we practiced the letter Yy.   Very soon we will finish the alphabet review and then we'll be jumping into reading and writing in a big way.
The class took the test on graphing in math.  Next we will be studying numbers 10-20 and using ten frames to count.
After lunch and P.E. we compared a funny story on penguins to the one we heard yesterday by using a Venn diagram.
We caught up with push-pull identification in science.
In learning centers we practiced sight words and beginning sounds, we made paper art and played with blocks and animals.

Blessings on your day,

Mrs. Luoma

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

What is a force?

That is the question we are answering in our new science unit on physics.  This week we are exploring the world of pushes and pulls.  Ask your child to list the forces that push and pull at home.
At Bible time we began studying the story of Daniel and his friends.  We prayed to be like Daniel today and to stand up for the truth.
In music the class is practicing for the Christmas program.
We had fun graphing our own groups of data in math.  Everyone did a great job of comparing data from their graph and making conclusions.
We also compare in literature, and the class compared and contrasted a new version of the 'Three Little Pigs' at story time.
In reading we worked on our new reader and awarded everyone who turned in a completed reading log. 
After defining the words force, push and pull, we sorted photos that illustrated those forces.  Students were able to judge the difference between a strong force and a gentle one.
At the end of the day we had our turn in the library and technology lab.  We worked on letter sound recall on the computers.


Mrs. Luoma

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Packing boxes for Operation Christmas Child

The highlight of our day was filling a shoe box with lots of toys, school supplies and hygiene items with the help of our 8th grade friends.  We prayed for each box to go just to the right child and for them to know how much Jesus loves them.  Now our boxes will be off to lands far away and we pray each one brings a special joy to a child in need. 
We had time for a phonics quiz at reading that reviewed letters s,t,u and v. 
Math was all about picture graphs and we gathered data with opinions on pets and swimming.
At P.E. we played Four Corners and practiced being fast and quiet.
The class recalled story sequence at story time in a funny story about a napping house.
We had a lot of fun doing a big science experiment where we separated five different materials using our prior knowledge from materials science.
In learning centers we played a sight word game, beginning sound game, drew and built with friends.
It was a short week, but we got a lot done!  We're so proud of our crew.

Have a fine weekend and hug a veteran,

Mrs. Luoma

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Learning to sing together

We are working hard to learn the words and music to several songs for the Christmas program now.  It takes careful listening and lots of repetition...a challenging combination for our age group.  All our practice always pays off as our kids experience the joy of giving a performance to honor Jesus' birth.  We hope you are planning on attending the programs, they will be a special treat.
This morning we learned more about the life of Ruth and how God provided for her and Naomi.  We prayed to be care givers like Ruth to anyone who needs help.
During reading we practiced identifying beginning sounds in word pictures.
In math we learned about real graphs and made some of our own.
At story time we used illustrations and text to identify story details.  The class worked on a new reader, practicing reading and finding sight words.
In science we saw the finish to an experiment on evaporation, explaining and illustrating the process.
At the end of the day we checked out new books in the library and played counting games in technology lab.
Recess was extra cold, so we're seeing lots of rosy cheeks and red noses.  Remember to help your child bring outerwear for the winter temperatures!

Warm Blessings,

Mrs. Luoma

Friday, November 3, 2017

A Special Day

Today was a special day.  I was back in the classroom after a couple days with laryngitis, our 8th grade friends helped us write notes to put in the Operation Christmas Child boxes, we saw a wonderful performance from the CBC Blue Ladder Players and we ended the day with an ice cream party!  In between we did get some great learning done, just shows how fun and learning go together well.
At Bible time this morning we caught up with prayer requests.  Everyone had prayed both about someone good to lead and someone good to follow.  I was amazed at how self-aware our kids are becoming.
In math the class took our chapter 4 test, we'll be moving on to graphing next week.
We heard a story about an urban beach and started listing words that have double meanings. 
After story we got in some writing time and illustrated our favorite play from the Blue Ladder Player's performance.
At the end of the day we had fun with counting by playing a math game.  Before going home Miss Stueve and Mrs. Jamison served us ice cream!  That brought many smiles.

Have a good weekend; laugh, play, rest and be thankful,

Mrs. Luoma

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Reformation Day!

This morning we learned that today is not only Halloween it is also Reformation Day.  Today is the day that Martin Luther exposed the false teachings in the Catholic church.  We learned he studied the Bible so well that he thoroughly believed that salvation was a free gift from God...we don't need to pay to get to heaven...Jesus paid it our way.  We encouraged everyone to be a reformer and know the truth so they can stand up for the truth when other's try to tell them differently.  We colored Martin Luther's seal and learned with the colors and symbols mean.
In math we practiced putting numbers in order and good number formation.
After lunch we heard a good story about learning to read and being patient with the process.  We took a phonics quiz and went on to study our new reader.
We checked out new library books and played games in technology.  The class is improving in their mouse coordination and movement.
Have a safe and happy evening however you celebrate this day.  Be thankful and go easy on the candy!

Mrs. Luoma

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Minding our P's and Q's

In reviewing the alphabet we have just covered 'p' and 'q', it's challenging to write and recognize many of the lower case letters that have similar characteristics.  We practice a lot to hone our skills, realizing accurate writing and identification is key to good communication in the future.
This morning we continued to learn about the 'tent church' the people of God took with them in the desert.  We prayed with thanksgiving, realizing we have it a lot easier having good church buildings.
In math we compared numbers 6-10 with careful counting.  The class is becoming experts at understanding more, less and the same.
In P.E. we had fun running like different animals in color groups.
Story time was all about understanding people have different opinions and likes; some like it loud and some like it soft.
We explored the use of sifters and funnels to separate different sized plastic balls from sand.  Tomorrow everyone will get to put their knowledge to test as we play in the sand and use sifters.
At learning centers we played letter and sight word games and built with legos.

It's a joy to see these kids learning to think!

Mrs. Luoma