Dates to Remember

May 29...Memorial Day/No School
May 31...afternoon chapel @ 12:50
Worth Taking a Day off Work Dates:
June 13...all school games and picnic, Early Release
June 14...Closing Chapel, Kindergarten Graduation

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Being salt in the world

This morning Mr. Haynes taught us about being salt to the world in chapel.  It's good to think Christians should make everything 'taste better' as they interact in the world.  And it doesn't take a lot to make a big difference.
After chapel we practiced our songs and wrote about what we'll be doing this summer.  We have a classroom of fine writers who are looking forward to having fun after school is out.
In math we practiced understanding place value.  Place value is a foundational concept that kids will need to use for all their years to come and essential in learning higher math.
After lunch the class heard a funny story about a shark and discussed details in the setting.
We took a phonics quiz and then began learning about communities in a new anchor text. 
The big news was the class earned all their bears this morning and we celebrated with a popcorn and Magic School Bus movie time at the end of the day.  Well done, Kindergarten!

Mrs. Luoma

Monday, May 22, 2017

Wow, our beans are growing!

Today the class was happy to take home their baby bean plants.  We hope many will take the challenge of bringing their plant full circle and return to school in the fall with bean seeds from their own plant.
In the morning we learned more about Peter's famous sermon after the resurrection.  We practiced our songs for graduation and heard a funny story about a panda.  The class identified the main point and details.
In math we worked with 100 charts to count, identify and compare numbers to 100. 
After lunch we took a reading and writing performance based assessment. 
In science we reviewed the new vocabulary we have learned from the plant life cycle.  Students sketched their bean plants and measured their heights.
At learning centers we practiced sight words, number recognition, made words with letter blocks and drew settings for sticker characters.
We worked hard and smiled a lot.

Mrs. Luoma

Friday, May 19, 2017

Hello warm weather!

Hello warm temperatures...we hope you stay!  We are all enjoying the sunshine and shorts weather.  It makes us all feel sunny inside.
This morning we started a new Bible story on Peter's sermon after the resurrection.  We will be studying what happened in the disciples lives after Jesus left to be with the Father.
In reading we took a sight word quiz and then we worked on word endings.
Our 8th grade friends were testing today so we had an early story time and asked and answered questions from a text about sea animals.  Next we colored our own fish for the class we're soon 'swimming into summer'.
After lunch we practiced singing our graduation songs.  In math we practiced the skills of identifying yesterday, today and tomorrow on a calendar. 
For art we learned how art in advertising is a great career.  Then table groups dreamed up a new product to advertise and created posters to sell their item.  We hope that helps students think about the future and how to use their art skills in adult life.
In learning centers we played learning games on the iPads, made pictures using drawing and stickers, drew and wrote observations on our flower and dye experiment and built with foam shapes.

Blessings on your warm weekend,

Mrs. Luoma

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Our class understands what dialog is now.  We drew pictures and added dialog bubbles.  Soon we will add dialog into our writing, too.  Don't be surprised is your child asks you to dialog with them today!
Our morning began with a great chapel lesson from the first graders.  We learned we should all help with the harvest of souls.
We practiced calendar skills in math, focusing on the days of the week.  Help your child to read your family calendar each day so they understand how to prepare for the day.
After lunch we heard a funny story about 'the real' Three Little Pigs.  The class compared and contrasted the text to the original story.
In reading we are studying a book about spirals in nature.  We wrote sentences to show our understanding.
The class made observations about our flower and dye experiment.  It didn't work very well, so we brain stormed about why that happened and talked about how to design a better experiment.  We are learning that even when something doesn't work, we learn new things and find new questions to answer.
Our day ended at learning centers where we practiced sight words, calendar skills, cut out stems and leaves and made new words.
Well done, Kindergarten!

Mrs. Luoma

Monday, May 15, 2017

Planting Beans

We finished learning the meaning of the Lord's Prayer at Bible time this morning.  Now we will practice saying it and review the meaning often.
At story time we made a story web about the main character in a book about ants.
The class practiced 2D and 3D shape identification and had a practice review to get ready for the test tomorrow.
In reading we review adding the endings 'ed and ing' to words and wrote our new sight words.
We wrote down scientific observations on our germinating bean seeds.
In learning centers we planted our sprouting seeds, practiced sight words, painted flowers and designed 2D and 3D figures.

It was a fruitful day; we are growing just like our seeds!

Mrs. Luoma

Friday, May 12, 2017

We love our moms!

Our class was so happy to honor our moms today.  We have worked hard on manners, gifts and songs and I hope each mom and grandma felt loved and appreciated.  One of the sweetest gifts is seeing Kindergarten students excited to serve and put others first.  We hope they continue with a servant attitude on Sunday as well.
This morning we learned what temptations were and now we can avoid them with God's help.
In reading we took a sight word quiz and then build sentences using words with the 'ing' ending.
We had a fun time reading and dancing with our 8th grade friends.
After lunch we practiced songs and heard a cool story about fireflies. 
We prepared for our Mother's Day Tea and wrote sentences about our moms for the wall.

It was a great day of hard work and smiles,

Mrs. Luoma

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Our beans are sprouting!

We were thrilled to see that many of the beans we started began to germinate today.  It's been exciting to learn more about plant life cycles as our plants move through the cycle.
In Bible time today, we learned what trespassing means in the Lord's prayer and how we should be forgiving.
The class identified facts from a text and changed single words to plural words.
We had fun in math coloring 2D shapes in an assessment to show understanding about shape identification. 
After lunch we practiced songs and heard a funny story about interrupting, using context clues to understand new words.
We worked on writing in our journals and finishing our Mother's Day booklets. 
In science we learned the anatomy of a seedling and then saw the anatomy in a germinating seed.
At learning centers we played a sight word game, practiced calendar skills, made 3D shapes from putty and practiced identifying 3D object shapes.
We worked hard and made good progress!

Mrs. Luoma