Dates to Remember

February 8...Day 100
February 13...morning chapel
February 14-18...LEST/President's Day No School
February 19...Re-enrollment begins for next year
February 20...afternoon chapel 1:50

Great Times to Plan a Family Vacation (No School):
February 14-18...LEST/President's Day
April 1-5...Spring Break

Worth Taking a Day off Work Dates:
May 9...Kindergarten Mother's Day Tea 2-3:00
June 11...All School Field Day
June 12...Last Day of School, Closing Chapel, Kindergarten Graduation, Early Release

Friday, February 8, 2019

Day 100!

Wow, Kindergarten had a fun day with celebrating day 100 in our school year!  We are officially 100 days smarter now and much closer to becoming first graders. 

We enjoyed snowy recesses outside as the snowflakes came down. Inside we counted to 100 in many ways today.  Our 8th grade friends came down to help us make collections of 100 objects.  Students counted objects into 10 groups of 10 and then counted to 100 by 10's.

At reading time we thought and filled out a survey about the number 100. 

In math we added a place value cup for our days of school sticks.  Students added to our running list of 100 blessings.  We counted by 10's to 100 and then did 100 exercises!

After lunch we extended our counting practice to organize a graph of 100 little jewels, using a check list to check our work.  While we were working we were surprised with a visit from a big dog named Ciento!  He was looking for his master, Zero the Hero.  We impressed Ciento by counting to 100 for him and told him he should find Ms. Stueve!

At story time we heard a funny story about 100 ants that are looking for picnic crumbs.  Students answered questions using information from the text.

This was our day to be in the technology lab and students played games using a 100's chart. 

Our challenge for the weekend was to do 100 kind things for their family.  We hope they succeed!

Blessings on your day,

Mrs. Luoma

Monday, February 4, 2019

Will it snow...oh yes!

Many students have been praying for snow and today our prayers were answered!  Everyone was so excited to see the flakes come down.  Please remember to dress your child for the snow and to watch your email for changes to our school day schedule.

It's February and here we go into a short month!  This week in Kindergarten we will polish our chapel play and present it on Wednesday.  We are so proud of all our students as they have mastered the art of learning lines, timing and expression.  When our chapel play is over we'll begin learning about Jesus as a boy and go on to understand his early years in ministry.

We are finishing our math chapter on measurement and moving into numbers from 20-30.  We be back using ten frames to understand the groups of tens and ones in a number.  This fits in well with celebrating Day 100 on Friday.  We will do many activities that help us practice counting to 100 and understand place value.

In reading this week we will focus on the short and long vowel sound of  'o'.  Students will study an expository book on music and learn to ask a question and frame an answer from the text.

Students will learn the life cycle of a plant and start their own seeds in science.

As we write this week we will record scientific observations and practice answering questions using words from the question in our answer.

Recess is sure to be fun, cold and white!  Our smiles will celebrate winter.


Mrs. Luoma

Monday, January 28, 2019

National Lutheran Schools Week!

It's here!  One of the most fun weeks in our school year...National Lutheran School Week!  Throughout the week we will be celebrating being a faith-based school that cares for others.  Today we started collecting donations for the local Union Gospel Mission to help those less fortunate in our community.  Check the schedule that went home Friday for the activities, ministries and fun that is going on during our week at school.

One of the highlights this week is having the Scholastic Book Fair in our library.  Today our class visited the book store and their 8th grade friends helped them record a wish list.  We hope you have time to shop at the book fair some time this week.  They have lots of great new books for every age and level.

This week in math we will finish our chapter on comparing measurements.  Today we learned about area.  Students practiced measuring weights and capacity in learning centers using a scale and measuring cups.

In reading we will focus on the short and long vowel 'i'.  Students will study a new book about musical instruments, learning how to formulate a question and answer it from a text.

Each day this week, we'll be busy with some type of ministry and fun. 

Think of ways your family can join in the giving,

Mrs. Luoma

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

What do plants need to grow?

We predicted what plants needed to grow in science today.  Soon we will test our predictions with several experiments.  We hope our classroom will make a good green house in the coming weeks as we explore living systems and how they work.

This morning we learned that God knows every little thing about us.  We thanked Him for knowing and loving us completely.  This week after our daily devotions we will continue practicing on our chapel play about unity.  Students are learning their lines and how to say them with expression.

In reading this week we will focus on the vowel 'e', identifying it's long and short sound in words as we read them.  We'll also practice recalling and writing a sequence.

We're learning about different ways to make measurements and why they are important in math.  Today practiced putting lengths in order.  We'll put our measuring skills to the test when we begin to measure our plant's growth in science later on in the month.

At story time we heard a funny text about a message that was mixed up by some funny animals. 

We love learning centers at the end of the day!  Today we played a vowel toss game, built with legos, practiced math skills with a partner on OSMO and highlighted sight words on our weekly readers.

The rain didn't get us down!  Keep watching the weather to dress appropriately for school.


Mrs. Luoma

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

January is a great month to make progress

I love January.  It's a great time for getting a lot of learning done in Kindergarten.  It's also the time of year when everyone is ready to move a little faster and focus longer.  It's always exciting to see how quickly we can master new things compared to the beginning of the year.

This week we will start our days with a quick devotion and then practice for our chapel play.  Students are learning their lines, understanding timing and direction and enjoying a creative process. 

In reading we are moving into a new unit and will focus first on comparing and contrasting different characters in a text.  In writing we will practice writing using a time sequence and always working toward good sentence structure.

We'll be finishing up our chapter on numbers 10-20 in math.  Our class really rocked it understanding how to decompose those numbers into a group of tens and ones yesterday.  I'm excited to move into our new chapter on measurements soon.  We'll be able to apply what we learn in science right away as we measure growth in germinating seeds.

It will be fun to learn more about living systems in science as we study plants and set up experiments in the classroom.

During our learning center practice time we are busy doing art, building, practicing vowel sounds and careful counting.

Blessings on your day,

Mrs. Luoma

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Learning new rules for vowels

In reading we are beginning to learn about long vowel rules.  Today we practiced on a word sort and organized reading short and long 'a' words.  We will be moving through all the vowels and practicing using the silent 'e' and double vowel rules.

It's been a well spent week in math, practicing both counting and writing numbers from 10-20.  Tomorrow we will practice decomposing numbers into 10's and 1's.

Chapel practice is going well,  we are so proud of how well everyone is trying to learn their lines and follow directions.  Everyone is excited to teach the school about unity.

In science today we refined our definition of  'living' and then practiced categorizing things.  Afterwards we began a list of living and non-living things.

We enjoyed time in the library and we practiced sight words in the classroom.

All our hard work will pay off!

Mrs. Luoma

Monday, January 7, 2019

Our first full week in the new year!

What's new in Kindergarten this week?

In our Bible studies we are finishing the story of the Magi and will begin practice on our chapel play coming in early February.  Everyone is super excited to learn more about the parts they will play in teaching the school about unity.
We're excited to begin learning the rules for long vowel sounds in reading and apply them to our writing.  Our focus is on sentence structure now, remembering to begin each sentence with an uppercase letter, finger spacing between words and finishing with an end mark.  Ask your child to sing the song we learned about sentence structure!
In math we will be practicing careful counting to 20, number order and decomposing numbers into two groups. 
It will be exciting to begin a new science unit on living things.  First we will develop questions to analyze if something is living, then we will begin learning about the life cycle of a plant.
Our class is beginning to pick up pace and stretch themselves as they move deeper into reading and writing, math and science. It's so exciting to watch our class learn.

Thank you for all you do to help your child at home,

Mrs. Luoma