Dates to Remember

November 16...End of the First Trimester
November 16, 19, 20...Early Release @11:15 Parent-Teacher Conferences
November 22-25...Thanksgiving Break/No School
November 27...School Picture retakes

Great Times to Plan a Family Vacation (No School):
November 21-23...Thanksgiving Break
December 20-January 2...Christmas Break
February 14-18...LEST/President's Day
April 1-5...Spring Break
Worth Taking a Day off Work Dates:
May 9...Kindergarten Mother's Day Tea 2-3:00
June 11...All School Field Day
June 12...Last Day of School, Closing Chapel, Kindergarten Graduation, Early Release

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Honoring our Veterans

We started the week off right by praising God and honoring our Veterans.  It was heart warming to see our visiting Veterans stand when their branch song was sung.  Pastor Mark enlightened us by comparing military branch mottos with scripture. I hope you have time to talk about Veterans at home and help your child understand the sacrifices they make for the people in our country.

The class took their last phonics and writing quiz today over letters w, x, y, and z.  It will be exciting to step up into writing sentences soon!

In math we covered ordinal numbers.  The class was excited to learn they already often use ordinal numbers in daily life.

After Spanish we added more data to our chart on magnets.  We are beginning to learn that understanding the properties of a material can help to separate it from other materials.  It will be exciting to see how the class applies their knowledge in this week's STEM challenge.

Our class did a great job being calm and following directions during a practice lock down drill.  Everyone is learning that following directions helps keep you safe at school.

At story time the class gave their opinions about a funny text. 

During learning centers we searched for sight words, found magnetic items in sand with magnets, build with plastic blocks and reproduced Jasper Johns art in a big number celebrating our age.

It will be a short and frosty week. 

Be warm and cozy at home,

Mrs. Luoma

Friday, November 9, 2018

We Are Alphabet Strong!

Woo hoo...we have finished walk through the alphabet!  Now we are prepared to take off in reading and writing, you will be amazed what happens in this next trimester.

We began the Bible story of Daniel's friends that refused to worship a statue for the king.  We prayed for God to help us to be brave and do the right thing at all times. 

In reading we played literacy games with friends after working on the letter Zz.

We practiced careful counting in math and compared groups.  We're coming to an end with chapter four and will begin graphing next week.

After lunch, we wrote with a purpose giving our opinion of what we like to eat at Thanksgiving.  Students are labeling their illustrations with beginning sounds now and starting to write their own words phonetically.

At story time, the class identified rhymes from a humorous text about  a princess who couldn't hear well.

Our art lesson combined math knowledge and creative design by using the style of Jasper Johns.  You'll see our colorful ten frames up soon!

We practiced careful counting in the tech lab in game where we counted fish.  Students extended their learning in the classroom by playing learning games on our iPads.

We finished a good week of learning.  These kids make us proud!

Mrs. Luoma

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

A Sweet Day

We had a sweet and happy day in Kindergarten!  This morning we finished the Bible story of David being chosen as the king.  Then our 8th grade friends came down and we all went to the gym to pack boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  Each student chose items to put in their box.  Students had personal messages of love to whoever receives their box.  It's really precious to see 8th graders praying with Kindergarten students over their boxes.  We know God heard those prayers and will send the boxes to just the right children.

In reading today we covered the letter Ww and played reading games.

We practiced writing great 9's and 10's using careful counting skills.  We're getting better and better at good counting!

After lunch the class had a Spanish lesson on numbers.

We finished testing boat designs in science and awarded the first and second place winners. We were so proud of all the kids great ideas.

At story time we heard a funny book about animals that used a lot of rhyming words.  The class is learning to identify words that rhyme from a text.  Practice that skill at home!

After our last recess, we caught up on a fall project, packed up early and then ended on a sweet note by having an ice cream party.  We were so proud of our class earning their ice cream party from their Fall Fest donations.

I hope you also have sweet ending to your day!

Mrs. Luoma

Friday, November 2, 2018

Changing Seasons

Everyone in class has noticed the seasons are changing and fall is truly here.  It's cooler, windy and the leaves are falling.  We are studying the sequence of seasons in reading, understanding that order is important.  Next week we will use good listening skills to arrange seasonal pictures in the right order by relating them to a text about the seasons.

We talked about the November Bible verse this morning, checked in on our prayer requests and then thought of prayers that would help us become better leaders in class.

Ours 8th grade friends were down to help us decorate our OCC boxes and read with us.  After they went back to class we review the letters s,t,u,v and took a  phonics and writing quiz.

In math we have worked our way up to the number 9, we are carefully learning to write and count with each new number.

After lunch we tested our boat designs and the competition is fierce.  Next we will have a winner for the best boat design.

Our story was about a frightened koala who learned that change can be good.  We recalled the sequence of events from the story and also discussed how change can be good in our lives.

We played counting games in the technology lab and played learning games on our iPads. 

It's been a fine week of learning in Kindergarten and the first trimester is almost over.  I've been doing one on one assessments on each student this week.  Their progress has been amazing and we are so proud of each child.

Have a fine weekend,

Mrs. Luoma

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

New Seats

Our week began in an exciting way with our students discovering a new seating arrangement!  The class understood that change is good when it gives them the chance to work with new people and make new friends.  We also began an added incentive by giving table points for good behavior.  We will specifically work on learning to become good leaders in table groups.  Today we defined leadership and talked about what good leadership looks like and sounds like.  Our tables are off to a good start practicing leadership skills.  When we move to our next new seating arrangement, the winning table will receive a prize.

Our class also earns bears for great whole class behavior and today we earned our last two bears!!  Now we get to enjoy a movie at the end of the day.  We always say that good things happen when we choose to do the right thing!

Our next Bible story is about David and we will stress how much God wants us to be good leaders and how He uses leaders to help people.

In reading we will cover letters t, u and v this week, then have a quiz over their sounds and how to write them.

We talked about the importance of writing letters AND numbers correctly in math today.  Then we learned how to make great 6's and 7's, practicing them at our tables.

In science we continued designing, testing and redesigning boats.  Today the size of the our lakes changed and that caused us to use our brains to adjust our previous designs.  Soon the bear boat competition will begin and we will apply all we learned from our 'failures' to making the best design. 

We do celebrate failures as learning opportunities in our class!  Doing something wrong is one of the very best ways to learn how to change and do it right.

We try to fail forward and hope you do, too!

Mrs. Luoma

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Design, test and redesign

In science we are learning that our first engineering design is often not the best.  Testing reveals problems and then we need to redesign.  Our class is making boats out of aluminum foil for a family of plastic bears.  The bears need to stay safe and dry in the boat.  It was a fun afternoon testing designs, thinking and redesigning.  We aren't finished yet; next week we with work on final designs and test to see the best design.

We heard how the sad story of Ruth turned out well when Boaz wanted to help.  We discussed how God helps us through sad times and provides for our needs; the challenge is to trust Him.

In reading today we took a phonics and writing quiz over letters o,p,q and r.  Our march through the alphabet is paying off and the class is becoming more and more confident in identifying letter sounds and writing letters well.

We began a new chapter in math over numbers 6-10.  Now all those good strategies of careful counting and number writing will be put to the test.  We also practice counting by 1's up to the date daily.  Practice careful counting at home often!

Our story today was super funny and had a surprising ending.  We are learning what it means to have an opinion and respect other's opinions.

At the end of the day we took a trip to the library and practiced word skills in the classroom until it was time to go home.

The class noticed some precipitation out at recess today; check the weather daily and help your student come prepared.


Mrs. Luoma

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Material Engineers

We began a new science unit today to help us understand the many ways engineers work to make our lives better.  The class noted many of the local structures and daily objects engineers have designed and help build.  We then tested objects to determine the best materials to build a boat from.  After more testing and classifying of materials the class will design boats.  We will go through a redesign process to improve our boats and end with a competition for the best design.  Our hope is students appreciate the importance of engineering design and follow their interests to explore that field.

In Bible we will cover the story of Ruth this week. We will discuss the importance of caring for others and trusting in the Lord for our needs.

We'll work through the letter 's' this week, having a phonics quiz on letters on o,p,q and r.  We'll be working on good sentence structure by practicing finding, highlighting and writing using finger spaces in between words.

Today we finished our chapter in math on patterns and position words.  We will move on to using numbers 6-10 in our next chapter.

At story time today we began a story about a little girl who uses junk to engineering useful machines.  We'll encourage students to make text to self connections by engineering and inventing things at home.

In learning centers we practiced sight words using fly swatters and stamping them in play doh.  Students also engineered buildings for little people and worked at their own pace on iPad apps.

We're on a roll for a great week of learning!

Mrs. Luoma