Dates to Remember

September 20...Morning Chapel/Mr. Blank
September 27...Morning Chapel/Pastor Bertermann/See You at the Pole
October 10...School Pictures
October 14...Fall Fest @ Howard Amon Park

Worth Taking a Day off Work Dates:
December 19...K-8 Christmas Program 2:00 and 7:00
May 16...Kindergarten chapel play, 8:45 a.m.
June 12...All School Game and Picnic morning
June 13...Last Day of School/Closing Chapel/Kindergarten Graduation

Friday, September 15, 2017

Learning that Art is our own and beautiful

One reason kids love art is they enjoy self expression.  Our class is learning that their art projects are their own and they should be proud of their work.  Even when learning about specific techniques, we never want everyone's artwork to look the same.  Different is good and everyone appreciates different things in art.  Today the class heard the story The Dot  and then created their own dot masterpieces.
We practiced our Bible verse this morning and spent time thanking God for His many wonderful creations.
In Reading and Writing we practiced writing good letter 'Ee's.  I read an expository book on how Hermit crabs look for new homes when they grow out of their shells.  The class related the same concept to the story about little Pip.
We are working hard to learn to write the numbers 2 and 3, everyone is making good progress!  Next week we will continue to learn to count and write more numbers.
In the afternoon we took a little tour in the gym and surrounding rooms, explaining where the school stores supplies and how each room is used by the people in the building.
At the end of the day we had some excitement with our first fire drill.  The class did a great job of following directions and leaving the building quickly.  Several students thought the alarm was rather loud, but we discussed why that was important.  We finished our first full week well practicing math skills at learning centers.
It was a fine first full week of school, the class is showing growth every way.  We are so proud of them AND their parents.


Mrs. Luoma

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Our first full week

We were so thankful to see the smoke had cleared this week and we're enjoying being outside for recess again.
At Bible time we will continue the Creation story and begin learning about Adam and Eve next.
We finished our first chapter in math this week and will being the second on numbers 0-5.  The challenge will be in learning to write numbers correctly and practicing our counting skills.
At the beginning of the year we review the alphabet, making sure we know letter names, sounds and how to write them correctly.  We also begin small reading groups, learn about the parts of a book, sentence formation and comprehension.  Slowly we introduce sight words, the pace will pick up in the next trimesters.
The class has been using pictures to identify ways to be respectful and successful at school.  Our goal is to help students understand the reason for rules and to appreciate how rules help us all work together in a positive way.
We will begin to learn about our building community this week, taking tours to different places in the school and church.  The class will interview several people who work at BLS and BLC so we can understand their job and how we are all part of the same community.
At library today everyone got to check out their first book.  It was very exciting!  Help your child take good care of their book and return before next Tuesday each week.
At the end of most of our days we learn in an hour of learning center time.  This looks like a game time, but it focuses on practicing the skills we learn in reading, writing and math each week.
So far, so good in Kindergarten!  Thank you for sending your wonderful kids.

Mrs. Luoma

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Getting into a good rhythm

We are working hard to learn routines and procedures and move into a good rhythm in our school day.  It takes a lot of time and practice, but we're seeing progress everyday.
This morning we learned more about God's creation and how He made plants.  Everyone agreed that plants are important and beautiful.
The class worked hard on writing excellent letter Bb's. We recalled story sequence from a funny narrative on comparing big and small.
We had the challenge of comparing groups and finding the group that has less.
Our class had our first P.E. class in the gym, due to the smoke.  It was great fun to run and play inside with Miss Stueve.
We began work on really learning to write our first names properly.  It's our goal to have every one writing their first and last names well by the end of the year.
At the end of the day we strengthened our fingers with sculpting with putty, we built block structures, make design patterns with geometric shapes and had a free art table.
Keep up the good work at home with early bed times and helping with homework.  Together we make a great team!

Mrs. Luoma

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Starting our second week

We worked through our day like troupers, even though we had to recess indoors due to the heavy smoke outside.  Our indoor recesses may be long movement breaks, free play, Legos or relaxing with a funny video.
We began our first Bible story today and started to learn about The Creation from the beginning of the Bible.  We thanked God for being a good Creator in prayer.
The class met Mrs. Borgman (or Mrs. B) for a music class this morning.  We reminded the class that Mrs. B is to be respected just like their main teachers and they get grades from her on their report cards!
In math we practiced careful counting and comparing groups.  We are learning to draw lines 1:1 to compare groups.
After lunch we learned more about the important reasons for learning to read and write.  We practiced writing the letter Aa and learned how to manage our weekly readers.
The class described characters from a book that stressed good listening.
At day's end we had some time in the library and technology lab.  We introduced the students on how to use the rooms respectfully and safely.
We were thankful for good start to our second week, the kids are learning more and more each day.

Let's all pray for the air to clear!

Mrs. Luoma

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Learning to listen is hard, but good

One of the best things to learn as school begins is to listen and follow directions.  It's not easy, but it will reap rewards.  Everyone in class is practicing this concept and making progress, it's normal for it to take lots of practice.
Today we began the day with a devotion and prayer.  The class identified and described the characters in from a narrative book.  After a dance break, we began phonics and writing practice on the letter Aa.
In math we are learning more and more about sorting and applying it to multiple subjects.  Our first chapter is fairly easy so the main take-away is about listening and following directions on table work...that part is challenging.
After lunch time, we had our first P.E. class with Miss Stueve out on the play ground.  After a cool down and lots of water, we continued our tracing practice using pencils and then crayons.  Our story was about how people are both alike and different.
Our day ended with a free play time after we had a little scissor practice.  The whole class proved that they were quite comfortable using scissors!
Tomorrow is the end of our week, with each day and each week you'll see your kids growing smarter and stronger!


Mrs. Luoma

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

First Day...Hooray!!

We had a fine first day of Kindergarten.  Everyone did a wonderful job of listening and beginning to learn how to manage as a Kindergarten student.  As short as it was, we fit in chapel, learning class rules, snack time, playing with Legos, fun on the playground, updating our calendar, responding to a story and packing up all on our own.  Yes, we stay busy!  I think everyone thought the day was over too quickly.
Thank you for your help getting your child settled in this morning.  It's a huge support for us.  Once we get rolling, you'll see your child become more and more confident and independent at starting the day on their own.
Tonight is a great night to begin an early bedtime routine and make sure your child gets enough sleep! Tomorrow will be our first full day and we can't wait!

Thanks for sharing your sweet kids with us,

Mrs. Luoma

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Getting to Know You

Mrs. DeGraaf and I have enjoyed each and every one of our home visits.  We love giving families individual attention and having a little time to get to know each other better.  In between visits we have been at work in the class room getting everything ready for a fine start.

If you haven't turned in your parent survey or supplies, please get those to us by the first day of school.

It's normal to have lots of questions at the beginning of the school year.  Please let us know how we can help you!

We are praying for happy and confident hearts for everyone on that first morning.  Try to start the habit of an early bed time for your kindergarten student.  This is an important time to get into a healthy schedule of eating well and getting plenty of sleep.  We hope that Jitter Glitter works for you!


Mrs. Luoma