Dates to Remember

March 22...morning chapel
March 25...BLSEF Sip, Savor, Support Event
March 29...morning chapel, 4th grade class
April 3-7...Spring Break, no school
April 9...Palm Sunday
April 14...morning chapel, Early Release 11:15
April 16...Easter Sunday
April 19...morning chapel/SOAR awards
April 26...morning chapel, 2nd grade class. Family STEM night at BLS
Worth Taking a Day off Work Dates:
June 13...all school games and picnic, Early Release
June 14...Closing Chapel, Kindergarten Graduation

Monday, March 27, 2017

'Ch' is useful!

In reading this week we are starting on digraphs, beginning with 'ch'.  The class is learning those two letters make a sound they are used to hearing.  Now they have more sounds and letters in their toolbox. 
At Bible time we finished the story of the good Samaritan.  We have learned that Jesus really values kindness and wants us to look for ways to help others.
We began a new book at story time, a true story about a bear and a veterinarian.  We related the text to the illustrations.
We worked hard at solving subtraction problems in math. 
In reading we practiced writing our new sight words and identifying the difference between  words that start with 'c' and 'ch'.
We reviewed the parts of the lady bug life cycle in science and finished our booklets.
At learning centers we wrote cards to our 8th grade friends going to Washington D.C., tried to solve a puzzle, wrote pictures that went with subtraction sentences and practiced sight words.


Mrs. Luoma

Friday, March 24, 2017

Painting like Picasso

Mrs. DeGraaf taught a great art lesson today on Picasso's portrait technique.  The class followed along and made beautiful faces in the Picasso style.  After we created, we shared how art makes us feel and noted many different emotions and opinions.  Learning about great artists and responding to art all help Kindergarten student to appreciate art.  We're grateful to be at a school where we can created art regularly and tie it into multiple subjects.  "Picasso's view of anatomy was interesting".
At Bible time this morning we learned more about the Good Samaritan and how to show love to those in need.
We took our weekly sight word quiz and then built sentences from words.  The class is getting better and better at composing and reading sentences. 
At story time we talked about recognizing fiction from fact.  Our story was fictional or narrative today, because many of the animals could talk.
When our 8th grade friends came down, we read books together and ended with a dance!
In math we used the minus sign to make subtraction sentences.
At the end of the day we played a vowel game, place value game, colored and built structures.
Well done, Kindergarten!

Mrs. Luma

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

What is symmetrical?

We learned that lady bugs have symmetrical dots today.  Our eyes were then on the look out for other things in our world that are symmetrical.  How many can you find?
In chapel this morning Mr. Vaudt taught us about how life is like a race where we should do our best and not quit.  Jesus wants us to keep the faith our whole life through.
We worked hard on our writing projects after chapel and made some good progress.  Soon you'll see a book come home!
In math we are beginning a chapter on subtraction.  We practiced the concept of 'taking away' with picture stories.
After lunch we heard a funny story about a frog who wished he was a different animal until a wolf changed his mind.  We shared opinions based on facts from the books afterwards.
This week in reading it's all about we explored 'r' blends. 
In learning centers we labeled lady bug pictures, designed rain clouds, played sight word popcorn and raced to add numbers.
I am so proud of the learning I see going on in our room. 

Give your child a big hug today!

Mrs. Luoma

Monday, March 20, 2017

Learning to be a good Samaritan

This week at Bible time we will be learning the story of the good Samaritan and how we can care for people in need.  It's a great time to connect supporting Safe Harbor Crisis Nursery with our student birthday ministry.
We heard a funny story about a dog looking for a job on a farm.  The class identified the main event and supporting details. 
In math we practiced decomposing two digit numbers, tomorrow we will couple writing a addition sentence to match. 
We worked on reading and identifying 's' blends in reading and practiced our new sight words: four, five, from.
As we learned more about lady bug anatomy, we added a funny song to practice the names of insect body parts.  This class is doing a fine job of asking interesting questions, so we daily address student questions and take our learning to deeper levels.
We had the privilege of having a popcorn and movie party to celebrate earning all our bears!  We watched 'The Gruffalo'.

Blessings on your day,

Mrs. Luoma

Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Yesterday Pastor Andy came in at Bible time to help teach the class about the trinity using a shamrock just like St. Patrick did so long ago.  Today we put the finishing touches on our shamrock paintings and they thought it was funny that I ended up with glitter all over my face.  Occupational hazard.
We began our day finishing the Bible story of how Jesus loved to bless children and said their faith is an example for adults to follow.  We practiced our Bible verse and prayed to keep a pure and simple faith.
In reading we had a quick sight word quiz and then used words with blends to build a great sentence. 
We decomposed numbers in math and made a chart with our facts.
At story time we heard a good story about two very different dogs.  We noted descriptive words. 
With our 8th grade friends we wrote sentences about how we celebrate St. Patrick's day.
The most exciting news was the class earned their last bear and now we have a movie and popcorn party to look forward to on Monday!  Well done, Kindergarten!

Have a green day,

Mrs. Luoma

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Anatomy...body parts!

Today in science we learned about the word 'anatomy' and began learning about the anatomy of the lady bug.  The bigger questions do the different body parts work and why is that important to the well being of the lady bug?
At chapel this morning we learned from the 5th grade class about how living a good life isn't about how much money you make or how much power, it's about having peace and joy each day.
We worked on finishing a writing assignment after chapel, remembering to make good sentences and writing neatly.
In math, we practiced story or word problems and listened carefully to draw a picture, write a math sentence and use the right word for the units.
At story time we heard a funny story about what our toys might be up to when we're not looking.  We used illustrations and picture clues to define words that were unfamiliar.
We worked on reading and identifying 'l' blends in reading.  Each week we'll be working on understanding word beginnings and endings.
In learning centers we finished our Monday rotation and played games where we practiced place value, sight words, vowel sounds and drew with stencils.
We're moving ahead in Kindergarten!

Mrs. Luoma

Monday, March 13, 2017

Let's learn about lady bugs!

Everyone is excited to learn about lady bugs in our next science unit.  Today we talked about what we already knew and what we want to learn about lady bugs.  Every year we do this unit a little differently, depending on prior knowledge and interests.
We began our day learning how Jesus felt about children and how he loved to talk to them and bless them. 
In math we are solving addition word problems, being careful to draw a sketch and double check our work.
Our reading unit is about comparing different cultures.  Today we heard a story about a Chinese-American girl.  We practiced three new sight words and sorted long and short vowel words.
In learning centers we played a sight word game, a place value game, a vowel sound game and drew using stencils. 

Thank you for all you do at home to help your child at school!

Mrs. Luoma