Dates to Remember

March 2...Grand-Friends Day, chapel/2nd grade, Early Release
March 7...morning chapel
March 9...Reading is the Ticket reading logs due
March 10...Sip, Savor and Support; Parent dinner and
fundraising auction
March 14...morning chapel/SOAR awards
March 21...morning chapel
March 30...Good Friday, morning chapel, Early Release
March 1...Easter Sunday
April 2-6...Spring Break; No School

Worth Taking a Day off Work Dates:
May 11...Mother's Day Tea, 2:00-3:00
May 16...Kindergarten chapel play, 8:45 a.m.
June 12...All School Game and Picnic morning
June 13...Last Day of School/Closing Chapel/Kindergarten Graduation

Thursday, February 22, 2018

'Y' as a vowel

Today we explored how the letter 'y' can act as vowel in words and mimic other vowel sounds.  The English language can be so complicated!  Our class is learning there are lots of rules to learn to read and there are many words that break the rules.
We started the story of the Good Samaritan at Bible time, focusing on how Jesus told stories to teach people how to live.
Subtraction is coming along nicely in math.  We are learning to focus and think as we work through picture problems.
The class had fun shooting baskets in P.E., then we heard a cute informational story about a mother dog who raised a piglet with her litter of puppies.
In Science we made some of our own static electricity and used oppositely charges ions to move paper!  Then the class drew mini-posters of what they demonstrated, comparing the balloon to a lightning cloud.
At learning centers we played a word game, built, designed with shapes and sculpted with clay.

It was a good day of learning and fun in Kindergarten,

Mrs. Luoma

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Static Electricity

As we learn about some forms of severe weather in science we will focus on thunder and lightning storms this week which also gives us a chance to experiment with static electricity.  Students are fascinated that the electrical shock that comes from walking across the carpet is similar to lightning.
In Bible this week we will learn about Jesus ministry of healing with just a touch or a word.
In reading we began studying an informational book and learning about a table of contents and glossary. 
We're beginning a subtraction chapter in math and we worked on subtraction stories today.
After lunch we heard a story about a girl who had some vision problems that affected her school work.  We talked about how good it is to get the right kind of help when we need it.
We practiced writing our new sight words and reading from our readers.
It was nice to have a normal Tuesday back in the library finding great new reads and practicing reading skills in the technology lab.

We've missed these kids over the long weekend and everyone was happy to be back at school.

Mrs. Luoma

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The season of Lent

Today at Bible time we talked about how we are in the season of Lent or preparation for Easter.  Just like Advent is a great time to draw near to God, so is Lent.  I hope you use the Lent devotional that came home yesterday from Pastor Andy in your home in these weeks before Easter.  We also helped the kids understand Ash Wednesday and how we will observe that special day tomorrow.
The class took a math test this morning and moved through addition problems with ease!  On to subtraction next week!
We had fun eating lunch with our Bethlehem Buddies and were happy to share Valentines with them.
Our story focus was on descriptive words from a book about a hungry caterpillar. 
We practiced finding sight words and reading before an early afternoon recess. 
Our day ended watching the LEST Preview assembly.  It was amazing to see our drama team and dance team perform.  We also heard many beautiful songs from our musicians.  The class was excited to know that it will their turn to compete when they are 5th-8th graders here.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and the last school day of our week.  Thank you for bringing in Valentines early!

Have a sweet evening,

Mrs. Luoma

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Geologists rock!

Our highlight of the day today was hearing a presentation from two geologists who work for the department of ecology for our state.  They explained how land forms affect our weather and shared about their careers in science.  Keep encouraging your child to wonder and ask questions...they may become a scientist some day!
This morning we finished the Bible story of Jesus calling people to become fishers of men.  We discussed what that meant and how we can be His followers today.
In reading we worked on identifying words containing the long 'u' sound and went on word hunts to add more words to our vowel posters.
The class made good progress in solving addition word problems in math.  It takes some listening and organizing skill, so it's a challenge.
Our story today was about a little girl was building a fort and needed help.  We learned that being part of the process makes sharing the result much sweeter.
In learning centers we practiced sight words, build, drew in response to the geology presentation and worked on decorating our Valentine bags.

This was an excellent day; we love being a part of your kid's learning!

Mrs. Luoma

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

100 Blessings

One of the activities we started early to prepare for Day 100 is listing 100 blessings.  Our class has had no problem at all in thinking of 100 good things that come from God.  Watch for our list in the hallway...maybe you're on it!
This morning we learned about how Jesus did a miracle by filling the fishermen's nets with fish.  We discussed how Jesus still does miracles today.
In math we worked on solving addition word problems, paying close attention to details and checking our work.
After lunch the class made good connections with the story about a boy who lost something special to him and then found it.  We responded to a question from the books we've been studying and went on to write and illustrate a new sentence.
In library, everyone had the chance to look at and check out new books.  In technology lab we worked in partners to read short and long vowel words. 
Tomorrow is a super fun day, Day 100!  We will be doing many special activities to celebrate being in school 100 days.  Watch for some great See Saw posts!

Have a good day and count your blessings,

Mrs. Luoma

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Severe weather

We are beginning to learn about all the types of severe weather that can occur on earth.  The class is excited to understand where and why severe weather happens. 
In Bible we are learning about the disciples Jesus called and what it means to follow Jesus in our daily life. 
The class is improving at writing sentences, there's still a long way to go, but we're on the right road and moving.  We continued our work on the vowel 'o' today.  It's great to see everyone getting more comfortable with noticing when a word has a short or long vowel.
In math we practiced writing math sentence vertically.  Next, we will be moving into addition word problems.
At story time we heard the fable of the tortoise and the hare.  We identified descriptive words from the text and talked about how it's better to take time to do our best than to rush to finish.
At the end of the day we learned through play by playing sight word games, building and making puppets.

Have a good evening,

Mrs. Luoma

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Learning patience

This week got off to an exciting start with a new seating arrangement and a fresh start to earn points with a new table team.  This round we are working on showing patience to others and having patience with ourselves.  The class is eager to discuss what patience looks like and sounds like at school, now the hard part is to do it!  We are applying patience to learning to read and write, as these skills take lots of practice and time.
In Bible we are learning about Jesus' early ministry as he traveled and taught people about God's love.  Today we started a story about fishermen and miracles.
The class is learning how to use their writing journals and keep them orderly.  We'll be writing regularly in them till the end of the school year.
We are crazy good at addition in this class!  I'm pleased to see the entire class moving confidently  into more difficult addition problems with success.
After lunch today the class heard a cool story about a native American child who wanted a new name.  It's great to learn about different cultures and compare and contrast them with our own lives. 
In reading we practiced in our weekly readers and then went on word hunts for short and long vowel words.  This week our focus is on the vowel 'o'.  We listened for comprehension, answered questions and wrote in response to a story before third recess.  We have come to the exciting part of the year where the class really begins to take off in reading and writing.
It was library day and technology lab and we enjoyed finding new books and working on reading skills.

We are so proud of this class; give your child a big hug today!

Mrs. Luoma