Dates to Remember

February 14...LEST Preview Assembly
February 16-17...No School/LEST in Portland
February 20...No School/President's Day
February 21...Re-enrollment begins
February 22...afternoon chapel @ 12:50
March 3...Silverwood Reading Logs due
Grandfriends Day at BLS, Early Release @ 11:15, Kindergarten chapel

Worth Taking a Day off Work Dates:

March 3...Grandfriends Day, Kindergarten Chapel play
June 9...Closing Chapel, Kindergarten Graduation

Monday, February 13, 2017

We love our Valentines

Today was a big day for our Valentines!  We had a Bethlehem Buddy Valentine lunch and our class Valentine party at the end of the day.  That's whole lot of love!  Mrs. DeGraaf and Mrs. Humphrey held down the fort so I could attend a STEM meeting.  We are off to a great start with our play practice.  Thank you for helping your child learn their lines from home.  In reading today we began studying the long 'o' sound in words.  We wrote a descriptive sentence about Zero the Hero.  In math, many more students got to write their names on our 100 Club poster as they wrote all the numbers to 100.
I hope you give your Valentines a lot of love everyday!

Mrs. Luoma

Friday, February 10, 2017

Zero the Hero

We had a wonderful surprise visit from our resident super hero, Zero!  As we begin to celebrate Day 100, we know we could never get there without zero.  The class did 100 exercises with Zero the Hero during math this afternoon.  We also made collections of 100 with our 8th grade friends.  Everyone is in the process of working their way into the '100 Club' by writing to 100 and counting out loud to 100.  We hope everyone makes it!
It was exciting to begin practicing for our chapel play after the morning devotion.  On Monday, parts will go out to each student to practice at home.  In reading we read and identified short and long 'i' words.  The class did beautiful Picasso paintings using complimentary colors and using their knowledge of primary colors.
In learning centers we made Valentines, finished our Valentine bags, designed pictures with shapes and modeled addition sentences with blocks.
We were delighted to see the sun come out again. 

Keep some Spring in your heart as snow melts,

Mrs. Luoma

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

What are forces?

We began a new science unit today on the forces of pulls and pushes.  The class did a great job of identifying the difference between pushes and pulls in photos and using words to describe the force.
In reading we found and wrote words with the long 'i' sound. 
We talked a lot about feelings at story time and students identified the feelings the characters were feeling.
In math we used the plus sign in our addition sentences.  We compared and contrasted number and word sentences.
It's close to Day 100 so we wrote about what we'd like to have 100 of for our very own.
Mr. Blank taught us about how God can restore our sinful parts and make us new again as he showed us how he has needed to renovate his old house.
In learning centers we played a vowel game, decorated our Valentine bags, played with forces on marble tracks and build shelters for animals and people.

The snow is crazy, be safe and warm out there!

Mrs. Luoma

Monday, February 6, 2017

Hello long 'i'

This week we move into studying the long 'i' sound in words.  We're getting better at watching for the vowel patterns that identify what sound the first vowel makes.  Our new sight words are: look, see, do.  Remember to practice sight words daily for rapid recall!
We began our day with a devotion about how we are created in God's image and precious to Him.  We prepared the class to begin working on our chapel play tomorrow.  Everyone is excited to put on our very own play!
The class heard a story about two very different builders and compared and contrasted the characters. 
In math, we began a new chapter on addition!  And we will be working on many projects that have to do with Day 100.  It's a great time to have your child practice counting and writing to 100.
The class took a fun science quiz on all we know about the weather.  We'll finish that tomorrow and begin a new unit on Forces.
In learning centers we played a sight word game, place value game, built animal shelters and wrote short and long 'i' words.
We'll chalk this up to a good day of work and play.

Mrs. Luoma

Friday, February 3, 2017

Learning to Love

Why is it so hard to love other people sometimes??  Misunderstandings, different opinions, different personalities, our sinful and selfish hearts makes for a mess sometimes.  In Kindergarten.  In the world.  Everyday. 
I'm thankful to work in a place where we can all look to Christ to help us love.  It's a life time challenge.
We had a good day in Kindergarten learning how much Jesus loved the truth of His Father and wanted to share that truth with everyone.  We continue to learn to love reading words, even though it's challenging and we make mistakes.  We loved coloring Valentine hearts with our 8th grade friends.  They show us love and patience as kind mentors.  We loved taking a challenging math test.  I love to see our class try and stretch themselves.  We loved relating our static electricity experiments to lightning storms and opening our minds to the amazing, invisible forces all around us.  We loved mixing primary colors into secondary colors in Art.  We listened to a story about loving those who are different than we are and easily recalled details about the characters. And that was just the academic part of our day...
We learned to communicate, forgive and love again at recess.  We learned that consequences help teach us to remember important lessons.  We learned that tears quickly dry, and smiles are powerful.  We prayed and laughed and worked. 

Love your day,

Mrs. Luoma

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Creating static electricity!

We heard many squeals today as I demonstrated how negatively charged balloons could stick to or move objects. Your kids are excited to come home and create some electricity of their own.
Our morning chapel message was about who are the pure in heart and how Jesus changes our hearts for the better.
We caught up on a writing project in the morning and learned how to estimate in math.
In the afternoon we highlighted and wrote words with the long 'e' vowel sound.  We heard a funny story about the animals in a zoo and recalled details about the characters.
In learning centers we had fun with vowel games, estimating and painting hearts.  Everyone is excited for Valentine's Day this month!

Show your child some extra love today!

Mrs. Luoma

Monday, January 30, 2017

Working hard to get back to normal.

I talked to the class about focusing to work hard at work times today.  With missing so many snow days and having delays, we have some ground to make up so we will 'plow' ahead with diligence.  Please help your child finish homework and return it the next day to keep them current. 
This morning we started the Bible story about Jesus life as a boy. 
We enjoyed one of the new books purchased for our class from the Scholastic Book fair at story time and identified event details.
The class is learning to order numbers from 20-30 in math; practice this at home!
After lunch we tackled short and long vowel 'e' by doing a word sort and then wrote our new sight words.
We have begun a series of experiments on static electricity in science using balloons, hair and other simple materials.  This ties into our learning about lightning.
At learning centers we played a sight word game, invented short and long e words, found and wrote sight words from blocks and wrote numbers missing from number lines.
Wow...that was a good, full day of learning!  I am so proud of these kids!

Mrs. Luoma