Dates to Remember

June 11...8th Grade Graduation; 6:30 in the gym
June 12...Field Day/Early Release (done before 11:15)
June 13...Last Day of School/Kindergarten Graduation/Early Release (usually done before 11:15)
June 25-28...Vacation Bible School at BLS; 8-noon for age 5 through 5th grade.
Worth Taking a Day off Work Dates:
June 12...All School Field Day: 8:30 to about 10:30 on the playground
June 13...Last Day of School/Closing Chapel/Kindergarten Graduation 8:30-10:30 in the gym

Friday, February 3, 2017

Learning to Love

Why is it so hard to love other people sometimes??  Misunderstandings, different opinions, different personalities, our sinful and selfish hearts makes for a mess sometimes.  In Kindergarten.  In the world.  Everyday. 
I'm thankful to work in a place where we can all look to Christ to help us love.  It's a life time challenge.
We had a good day in Kindergarten learning how much Jesus loved the truth of His Father and wanted to share that truth with everyone.  We continue to learn to love reading words, even though it's challenging and we make mistakes.  We loved coloring Valentine hearts with our 8th grade friends.  They show us love and patience as kind mentors.  We loved taking a challenging math test.  I love to see our class try and stretch themselves.  We loved relating our static electricity experiments to lightning storms and opening our minds to the amazing, invisible forces all around us.  We loved mixing primary colors into secondary colors in Art.  We listened to a story about loving those who are different than we are and easily recalled details about the characters. And that was just the academic part of our day...
We learned to communicate, forgive and love again at recess.  We learned that consequences help teach us to remember important lessons.  We learned that tears quickly dry, and smiles are powerful.  We prayed and laughed and worked. 

Love your day,

Mrs. Luoma

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